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​Dover Town


One hundred and eighty five sculptures of a poppy each measuring 35 x 35 cm, placed in every location in Dover town where a bomb fell. The sculptures are a visual reminder of the effects of war, and the lasting impact that conflict has on people and places. At a time when divisions between countries has been actualised, the poppies will serve as reminders of the suffering our countries and peoples went and healed through together. In seeing the poppies, which resemble both a poppy and a wound, the artist hopes to “remind the residents of Dover to be grateful for the peace they all experience now, and to open their eyes and hearts to the millions of people around the world who are not as lucky as we are”.


The Dover Art Network is an online exhibition of ideas from artists in Dover  commissioned in response to the COVID-19 lockdown.

The Dover Art Network resource exists for visitors to explore the work of artists visualised in locations around Dover. It provides artists with an opportunity to explore and develop ideas for sculpture beyond physical limits, to push the boundaries of contextualising art in the public space, and to exhibit collectively across boundaries.

We encourage everyone to explore the work and ideas of the artists as they respond to our town.

Read more about the project here

Produced by Joseph Black Studios in collaboration with Dover Arts Development

All images ©2020

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