A dark and weightless tide (Study of a Cormorant), 2019


Original Artwork


Joseph Black

A dark and weightless tide (Study of a Cormorant) ,  2019
Oil on panel
203.2 x 254 mm
Limited edition of 1


From the series Empty Horizons, 2019


Empty Horizons , 2019 is a series of works exploring poetic and melancholic landscapes.  

The series is evocative of empty windswept beaches, often showing only fragments or remains of histories, cultures, and people. The metaphor of change and impermanence is encapsulated in a work showing the ripples in the sand made by the tide. This same feeling of ephemerality is carried over into the paintings, which show figures from a very distant and lonely landscape; single birds within an expanse of empty sky, or single fish within the endless sea. In these works the artistic interpretation of the landscape draws on references from the poems of Samuel Beckett and T.S. Elliot, as well as from classical mosaics or religious and ceremonial objects whose meanings and purpose have been lost to time.


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