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"Two stone heads face each other like the decapitated skulls from the statues of deposed dictators. A running voice recorder does not record the stone heads supposedly talking into it but instead the real world the viewer inhabits, external to the fictive one in the work. An ‘emergency exit bar’ is placed, frustratingly, just out of reach and therefore denies its use. However, it is not connected to a door and so its height and your frustration in not being able to use it is, partly, unjustified. A dead fly sits a top a tower of paper, a symbol of information, and one is left to question; is it supposed to be there or has the fly fallen there accidentally? An unremarkable dead mouse has been left in the corner of a bottom shelf whilst in another, photos of the same mouse are given pride of place. The whole feeling of the work is of frustration, deception, and entrapment."

Camberwell College of Art

4 - 22 June, 2015

10 - 4

The Lies of Frightened Men, 2015

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